The Hotspot Open Mic

The Hotspot Open Mic is our premier youth arts and professional development program. We use the arts to capture and redirect the path of youth who are overly exposed or involved in criminal activity.  This program utilizes arts and entrepreneurship to: 1) help these young people believe in themselves and their dreams –  and make the necessary personal and professional adjustments to pursue those dreams; 2) provide the guidance, professional skill development and networking skills that will enable them to become successful stewards of their dreams; 3) deter them from criminal and other behaviors that could threaten their future.; and 4) provide entrepreneurship skill development to enable them to monetize their creative works and create economic opportunities for themselves and their communities.

The program is an intense multi week program that takes place three days a week for two hours. It will be facilitated by professional artists, business developers, cognitive behavior experts and individuals that live in these communities.

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We are looking for volunteers who are interested in supporting a  program that has a direct impact on the direction of young lives. Success is obtainable when we work together to meet the needs of our communities.

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Lastly, the program can be customized to meet your community, organizational and institutional needs. Licensing opportunities do exist.