Saad Soliman

Saad Soliman, founder and CEO of Soliman Consulting Inc., is a Subject Matter Expert in the specialization of Re-Entering Citizens also known as Ex-Offender Re-Entry.  Mr. Soliman recognized at a young age that his future would include extensive work with the criminal justice system.  In fact, Mr. Soliman has over 20 years of experience in the field and has a unique and intimate understanding (understanding of and unique insights into) the criminal justice system including typical obstacles and ways to overcome them.  Mr. Soliman has worked in various capacities – with high risk youth, adjudicated youth, and directly with re-entering citizens through a variety of organizations.  Numerous returning citizens who were deemed “high risk” have been able to have a successful return to society with assistance from Mr. Soliman.  In fact, when receiving his services the outcomes directly conflict with typical expectations and recidivism rates.  Mr. Soliman has been called on to speak in a variety of forums including, but not limited to, trainings, college events, and federal high risk offender notification hearings at both the state and federal level. Currently employed by the United States District Court, US Probation Office for the District of Delaware, Mr. Soliman has innovated and created successful initiatives that are benefitting the communities in which he works, as well as law enforcement personnel that are charged with the responsibility of supervising and overseeing the re-entering demographic. Mr. Soliman has a dynamic personality and contagious energy that can engage any audience during a public presentation.

Strikingly, Mr. Soliman, as a youth experienced adversity and was troubled in many ways having a variety of run-ins with the law. These incidents led him down the wrong road which landed him in prison at the age of 17 where he would ultimately serve 15 consecutive years in a state penitentiary in Delaware. It was this experience that molded him into the man and professional he has become. Listening to Mr. Soliman tell his story and elaborate on the challenges faced by re-entering citizens is both compelling and informative. He identifies areas that re-entering citizens and service providers need to focus on in order to facilitate a successful reintegration back into society, as well as motivates and invigorates the spirit to want more. The energy gained from his passion and drive is almost tangible in that so many people that have worked with him. They have remarked on how driven he is towards improving the processes used when supervising or providing services for re-entering citizens.

Mr. Soliman has addressed audiences ranging from at risk youth and high school students to academia of universities such as Delaware State University and Wake Forest University; as well as notable criminal justice staff and personnel at the United States Department of Justice’s Bureau of  Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and Drug Enforcement Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigations, as well as Delaware state level personnel. Mr. Soliman has built coalitions that are effectively targeting the ex-Offender dilemma that our nation now faces and continues to address complex issues and topics that have riddled the law enforcement and criminal justice system for over a decade.