Raise A Man

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Black boys across the country have expressed that there is an absence of positive black male role models in their lives. Many of these young men seek acceptance and training on how to be a man from the unsavory streets. These choices have caused many of them to lose their lives in senseless murders, become addicted to illegal substances or end up in prisons across America. Their need to be accepted is a very real need. Their desire to learn who they are, what they are capable of and how to achieve it is commendable.

CONTACT VISITS has heard their yearning and decided to assist them. We’ve developed the Raise A Man summit for the sole purpose of creating an opportunity for black boys to find black male role models within ┬átheir local communities through programming.

We’ve discovered that there are plenty of productive role models in black communities who are operating great programs that black boys would love to participate in. We understand that many of the challenges that the two groups are facing is that they don’t know how to reach each other.

So, CONTACT VISITS’ goal is to satisfy those two needs: 1. Assist boys who are in need of structure, guidance, a role model, leadership and a captivating learning environment – to find it; 2. To assist black men who operate or facilitate established programs that will meet particular needs of young men, to connect to them.

We will work with ANY community to bring the Raise A Man summit to your city, state or country. Join us in this effort. The future of our children depends on your involvement.