PassPort To A New Life Program


PassPort To A New Life is our premier program.  We guide individuals in the explorations of their lives, lifestyles and the negative impacts of their decisions. The goal is to eradicate those negative thoughts and actions and replace them with unlimited possibilities. Below will give you a preview of some of the areas our program covers:

  • Outcasts from Opportunities: the overall goal for this section is that participants explore life before crime. These perceptions of reality often lead to incarceration.
  • Conflict Resolution: The overall goal for this section is to teach participants techniques to dissolve or remove their personal conflict, relationship (re)building and removing themselves from hostile or potentially hostile situations and environments.
  • Disconnecting from Prison Life: The overall goal for this section is that participants will learn techniques that disconnect them from institutionalized behavior that keeps them in a cycle of recidivism.
  • Interchangeable Skill-Sets: The overall goal of this section is that participants will learn how to identify skills acquired from their past experiences and develop them to fit the job and career markets.
  • Entrepreneurship: This is an entrepreneurship program for individuals who want to start their own business. The program teaches the fundamentals of starting and operating a business.

Note to organizations: PassPort To A New Life can be implemented as a whole or in areas that fit your needs. Our programs are generally implemented at hosts sites. Each section is comprised of additional components to prepare individuals for success. Sections of the program can be workshopped in a multitude of ways from one hour to over a course of weeks and months based on your needs as well. Lately, we also license and train staffs to implement our model. Contact us to discuss.