Melanee Woodard


Melanee Woodard is a native of Washington, D.C. She began her career in finance and accounting while working in the Federal Government. After over 15 years of working for the government, she accepted a position in the accounting department at Industrial Bank where she continued to hone her accounting and finance skills. She later transitioned to the marketing department as part of a team of marketing experts, whose responsibilities included overseeing the image, branding, messaging and marketing of the bank. Ms. Woodard has always had a fascination with business, marketing, entertainment and community empowerment that was developed from her working experience and her ongoing love for acting and her community. These interests led her to managing the career of Lamont Carey and LaCarey Enterprises, LLC., where her responsibilities include branding and assisting in the expansion of the company. Ms. Woodard is also the Vice President of Contact Visits, a non-profit organization that focuses on the successful transitioning of adults and at-risk youth from the penal systems and detention centers.

Ms. Woodard is a champion of change. She believes all individuals are capable of living productive, safe, successful and empowering lives no matter their life experiences. She supports these efforts by assisting in the development and oversight of such programs as: Raise A Man – a program that connects at-risk African American boys with African American men whom operate programs that interest the boys and will allow the men to be positive role models; The HOTSPOT Open Mic – a program that provides new artists with an opportunity to hone their skills and build their fan base by putting on competitions in underserved communities which also provides positive activity for these communities; The HOTSPOT Book Festivals – a festival that brings new and established authors into communities with high illiteracy rates to inspire reading and writing as many of the authors derive from those same communities. She has been instrumental in building relationships with the US Department of Labor, Office on Returning Citizens Affairs, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, The Prince Georges County Roundtable, U.S. Congressmen, U.S. Senators and other community leaders to champion legislative changes that deny the formerly incarcerated their full rights as American citizens.

Her involvement with LaCarey Enterprises, LLC and CONTACT VISITS has also created business relationships with international organizations. She negotiated several contracts that lead to Mr. Carey’s participation in a festival that took him to Trinidad  twice for nine days. He engaged communities and prisoners through his motivational speaking, spoken word performances, re-entry and crime prevention expertise.

Ms. Woodard’s vision and passion is to assist individuals and organizations fulfill their life’s dreams and purpose by helping them create or take advantage of opportunities that will lead to those fulfillments.