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459bbddb-ec49-4cb9-b297-b1f0c784cff1_zps1683285fCONTACT VISITS provides at-risk youth and currently and formerly incarcerated persons who are returning back to our communities with essential skills that will enable them to be successful. Re-Orientation back into the community can be very challenging. CONTACT VISITS is supported by an active and focused board of directors. We all work hard to ensure our clients are prepared to cope and overcome obstacles that may hinder them from accomplishing their goals. It is our belief that relevant enrichment programs and support services will redirect youth who are at-risk of incarceration. We want to create a smooth transition for all individuals  returning back into our communities.

We believe harsh penalties for criminal activities have yet to foster safe communities, personal fulfillment or end poverty. Those are some of the reasons our prison systems are filled to capacity. In order to eliminate the prison system and increase the standard of living for all citizens, we must equip and prepare individuals for success despite their life experiences.

At the conclusion of our programs, the main goal is that adult clients will be eager and active productive citizens that live and work in our thriving communities. Our youth will be more focused and equipped to re-enter our school systems while also seeking out job placement, apprenticeship programs, starting businesses or preparing for college.

We understand the challenges and obstacles that our clients face. We want to assist them and stand with them as they navigate barriers to success. We want you to get involved with us. We welcome partnering with you because it takes the skills, passion and resources of all of us to create effective first and second chances.

CONTACT VISITS is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization based in Washington, DC. We offer our services anywhere in the world. We also license our program Passport To A New Life at an affordable fee.

Please consider CONTACT VISITS when deciding on charitable support.